Healthy Workplace

Beyond the requirement for a safe workplace that is free from harassment and violence, a respectful, professional workplace brings out the best performance in people. Meaningful employment in a well-led team provides the environment for greater productivity and employees who look forward to working together.

About Arthur Henry

Arthur Henry has 36 years of military experience, leading people under difficult circumstances in distant places. The principles of interdisaplinary approaches to complex tasks can be universally applied to workplaces.

PTSD - Growth from Trauma

Traumatic events can occur without warning. What do you do? Arthur Henry Counselling is here to provide education, defusing on day of event, debriefing soon after the event, psychotherapy for those significantly affected and post-traumatic growth to help people thrive after treatment.

Trusted By:

Trusted by Health Canada, Veteran Affairs Canada, ComPsych, Morneau Shepell, Blue Cross and More

Interpersonal Therapy

We offer the latest, most effective techniques including:

Identification of Emotion

Expression of Emotion

Dealing with Emotional Baggage

Other interventions that can be used in conjunction with interpersonal therapy:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Education and Facilitation

Organizations start with purpose, policies, process and people. However, as they evolve, changes may produce barriers that can confound the effective and efficient operation of the organization. Education and coaching can help mangers and employees remove barriers and thrive as individuals and teams. Invest in the well-being of your organization.