About Arthur Henry

Arthur Henry Counselling


Arthur spent 36 years in the Royal Canadian Air Force, immersed in the diverse cultures found across Canada, the United States, Australia, Europe and the Middle East. Moreover as an air liaison officer to the Canadian Army, with a follow on to the Royal Canadian Navy, he learned the distinct cultures of the 3 services that required an interdisciplinary approach to succeeding at joint operations.


While he studied psychotherapy at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, he was working on major capital projects at National Defence Headquarters also in Ottawa. He noticed the overlap between business analysis, business architecture, organization and therapy. In summary, people were happiest at work when the business was understood, the vision was well communicated, roles/responsibilities were well defined and people had a voice in their future.


Arthur is a Registered Psychotherapist (www.crpo.ca) and a Canadian Certified Counsellor (ccpa-accp.ca). He uses an interdisciplinary approach, which honours the cultural values of each individual.


Standard of Ethics

The more comfortable you feel working with us, the more effective our services will be.


What you say in session stays in session.  Your privacy is of upmost importance.  Any limitations of confidentiality will be reviewed with you during the first session.


You will be in the driver’s seat and have the ultimate say if, and what treatments will be used.


Although subject matter may be uncomfortable to discuss, treatment must be to your benefit and improve your life.